Can you get insurance on a scooter? And would it be cheaper than car insurance?

“I want auto insurance What is the best and cheapest form of vehicle and motor insurance to get for somebody who just obtained their certificate?
Citation under your label not for automobile with insurance?
Are there any without them being garage insurance firms that cover Common vehicles kept?
Will an Illinois racing ticket placed points on my Mich certificate and boost my insurance ?
Business Insurance – Vehicle?
The sign sought out of my vehicle. A pal who does auto repair said it’d charge around $1200 to repair. Therefore I chose to scrap the automobile. I ended insurance on previous one & purchased another 1 1/2 weeks later. The automobile was not driveable. Today I have to demonstrate why I still had dishes registered to it but didn’t have ins about the auto. I called a correspondence was written by & towards the state plus they said to deliver an estimation. Mechanic or photos or tow bill. I actually don’t have a tow statement. I didn’t get out of the garage. I really don’t need an ASE technician to share with me what’s inappropriate n/ a transmission’s vehicle are silly. I have assertions from neighbors indicating the vehicle was not operating and have gotten a created est from your person. What more could I do?????? I donot need my license suspended.
“Registered a state to restore my floors.getting a checkin 5-7 business suggests i have 180 days

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